Improve the User Experience

Active-Framework offers a complete new experience to build efficient an nice interfaces quickly: Energy dashboards, Detailed views on points, site overview…


Enchance the edition of charts

Create pages like tabs. They are lazy loaded to improve loading time.

drag & drop

Add new cards very easily

Drag & Drop  components from the station or px files to create new cards

CUSTOM positioning

Enjoy a slick sizing experience

Harness the power of free resizing and positioning for your content. Work seamless on the Workplace or the browser.

responsive layout

Create views which work on every device

Use the responsive layout to create views which work from big screens to smartphones

Create a kiosk mode

Get transition between pages to slide different information to end users


Next level stuff

Hide elements on conditions

Use SuperFormat to hide pages or cards depending on conditions like permission, or the presence of a component

Customize cards

Each element (cards, menu, page) has design properties you can easily personalize

Create relative views

Use the same view for all your points, equipments, schedules...


Status Header

Numeric Point

Alarm Extension

Enhanced Table

Automated Chart

Component Viewer

PxFile Viewer

Tagging Summary

Current Weather

Device Info

Material Menu

Todo List

Hierarchy Viewer



Active-Framework is a fast growing toolset for Tridium Niagara 4 to gain productivity and interact with 3rd party systems.

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