Create pre-configured applications

Replace manual integration by ready-to-deploy Niagara stations using workflows

Create Models

Data, Equipment, Graphics, Logic

Automate tasks

Use workflows to define what should be done

Deploy easily

Provide plug & play applications


Describe how your data are organized

Start modeling data with a unified representation of the building environment: geography, subsystems, tenants… so it’s easy to structure your collected devices and points.


Create models to be reusable

Models needs to be defined only once but can be updated later

Use workflows to automate

Describe with blocks what you be done in the station. You can create components, set properties, create views, add widgets, set categories… Every task you usually do manually has its own block


Enjoy drag & drop interfaces to deploy

Deployment has never been so easy. Drag & Drop elements from your data model, workflows are played using your models and your station gets built itself. Mind blowing!

Active-Framework is a fast growing toolset for Tridium Niagara 4 to gain productivity and interact with 3rd party systems.

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