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Share data with third parties


There are a lot of good services out there seeking for buildings data : dashboard & analytics, office application, digital twin, optimization…

Active-Framework provides a connector framework to synchronize Niagara points in real time and Niagara histories with third local/cloud platforms and databases so services can access easily the data.

Check how that's simple

See this example with IoTHub for real time data. All connectors are working the same.

To provision a device in IoTHub and start sending data, you just need to add an extension in Niagara to your device and to your points. It auto-provisions IoTHub and creates the communication. You can send message from the cloud to Niagara. No need to do anything else. And all the tags you have in Niagara are synchronized in the twin representation in IoTHub.


Interact both ways

The real time connectors export the out value of a point but using the same extension you can apply changes to Niagara: set, override or emergency override. No need to do anything special the system will detect the point is a writable and will listen for changes.


Deploy easily

Data received from API are not always in a clear format. Use the provided toolbox to convert data to numeric point or boolean point

USING tags

Leverage tagging

The real time connectors will export all the tags you put on your devices and on your points. Export easily Haystack tags for example to third party platforms.


Share also alarm events when they occur with the dedicated alarm recipient


Instead of synchronizing real time data, push periodically Niagara histories


Receive special events (like bookings) using the same connector

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Active-Framework is a fast growing toolbox for Tridium Niagara 4 for System Integrators who needs to go beyond the vanilla components.

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